Free Multi-Node Kubernetes Labs Setup for Practice

Gagan Kumar Mahto
3 min readSep 12, 2022


We will be using the labs used by for practice, and for the upcoming blogs i will be using the same labs

click on Start to get started

Let’s get started:
Click on the Start
Login With the Docker or GitHub credentials
You will receive the following page


once clicked you will receive this

You will receive the following page

Copy this line with Ctrl + Ins and copied paste on the below with Shift + Ins

`kubeadm init — apiserver-advertise-address $(hostname -i) — pod-network-cidr`

master node created

This will create the master node

Keep a copy of the following command for adding more
kubeadm join — token co1cor.mccexoo2n0c4y0aj \
— discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:849e46d58acba0dbd019238a10e7b284d8b50966e45b099f1b96aeeb8c54fce4

Add some networking by copying and pasting this the same way we did above

kubectl apply -f

Networking configured

Now lets create more nodes , same way add some

Click to add more nodes

Node 2 will be created , add node2 to the master node1 , similarly we can add more nodes to the master.

Inside node1 run the following commands, you will see that node2 is added and is getting ready

After a while it will be ready.

Now its time to deploy something in it and Exposing it to the public world

Now let’s access it from the public world copy the port 32438(in your case it may be different)

And it work !!



Gagan Kumar Mahto