MongoDB Industry usecases

🤔What Is MongoDB?

◼ MongoDB History

◼ MongoDB Features:

1. Ad-hoc Queries

2. Schema-Less Database

3. Document Oriented

4. Indexing

5. Replication

6. Aggregation

7. GridFS

8. Sharding

9.High Performance

◼ Need to run MongoDB?

  • High availability through built-in replication and failover
  • Scalability with native sharding
  • End-to-end security
  • Native document validation and schema exploration with Compass
  • Management tooling for automation, monitoring, and backup
  • Fully elastic database as a service with built-in best practices

◼ Components of MongoDB Architecture:

◼ MongoDB Applications

  • In E-commerce product catalogue.
  • Big data
  • Content management
  • Real-time analytics and high-speed logging.
  • Maintain Geolocations
  • Maintaining data from social websites.

◼ MongoDB Case Study: Toyota

◼ Why Toyota choose MongoDB?

  1. Performance — latency, scalable reads and writes to meet customer SLAs and accommodate significant growth in the future
  2. Automatic scalability, operations, and maintenance that enable developers to focus on applications, rather than backend database administration
  3. Security and compliance to safeguard highly sensitive business and personal data
  4. Data locality — able to host in Northwest Europe or West Europe in Microsoft Azure, therefore, ensuring close geographic proximity to factories for latency-sensitive operations
  5. Automatic backups and restore to provide fully-managed data protection and disaster recovery
  6. Cloud agnostic, giving customers the freedom to run anywhere, on any platform
  7. Developer friendly database with a flexible data model so that developers can continuously integrate new application functionality and stay ahead of market demands
  8. Ecosystem for developer productivity, using proven best practices and widely available skills





Technical Writer

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Gagan Kumar Mahto

Gagan Kumar Mahto

Technical Writer

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