Industry use cases of OpenShift

In this agile world of technology, automation has hardened its foot and why not by automation, companies can deliver quality and error-free service irrespective of the company’s domain whether it is pure IT or non-IT company.

And if you talk about server automation OpenShift by RedHat is one the most advanced tool. OpenShift is the finest automation tool that works on several other tools to solve many complex use cases. In this article below I would be talking about OpenShift and how it is simplifying and solving many problems

Before talking about OpenShift lets talk about Kubernetes which is the underlying opensource technology used by it

What is Kubernetes?

If you don’t know about container technology, it is a trick to launch OS with applications holding microservices in less than 1 second.

Since Kubernetes has many powerful features but still it is restricted to its community

What is Redhat OpenShift?

Why Redhat OpenShift?

Development teams can build with speed, agility, confidence, and a choice of languages, tools, and frameworks.

IT operations and security teams can support every application across infrastructures and clouds, with comprehensive security that enhances developer productivity while minimizing risk

Case Study: CISCO IT

Challenge: Improve productivity and speed to market

Solution: Build a 1-stop shopping catalog

Results: Move from months to minutes for faster innovation


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