Industry Use case of Neural Networks !

Neural networks are fundamental to deep learning, a robust set of NN techniques that lends itself to solving abstract problems, such as bioinformatics, drug design, social network filtering, and natural language translation. Deep learning is where we will solve the most complicated issues in science and engineering, including advanced robotics. As neural networks become smarter and faster, we make advances on a daily basis.

How do Neural Networks work?

  • receives data from the input layer;
  • processes it performing simple calculations with it;
  • and then transmits it to another “neuron”.
  • input;
  • output;
  • hidden.
  • it receives certain data through the input layer of neurons;
  • the data is processed by the neurons and passed to the next layer with the help of synapses each of which has its own coefficient;
  • the next layer of neurons receive the information that is the sum of all of all data for neural networks, which are multiplied by the weight coefficients (each by its own);
  • the resulting value is substituted into the activation function, resulting in the formation of output information;
  • information is passed on until it reaches the final exit.

Types of neural networks

What Tasks do Neural Networks Perform?






  • plan routes and monitor them;
  • customize shipping routes in real-time with the help of predictive features.

Vehicle building




Technical Writer

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Gagan Kumar Mahto

Gagan Kumar Mahto

Technical Writer

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