Creating Key Pair, Security Group , EC2 instance and EBS and mount it

Go to EC2 services

Step 1 :

Step 2

Step 3: A new key pair will be created and downloaded successfully

Creation Of Security Group :

Step 1:

Click on create security group button

Step 2:

set the inbound rules

Click on create Security Group button

Creating a EC2 instance

Now go to sidebar an go to instance and then click on launch instances

keep on clicking next and select your configuration

default root storage is attached

Choose for existing sg created before

select the pre created key pair and click on launch instances

Creating A EBS volume

click on create volume

click on create volume

remember ec2 instance and ebs volume should be on same region

Step 2:

click on attach volume and then select the ec2 instance to attach

now connect your ec2 instance with putty to see the disk configuration

fdisk will show you all the storage devices

now lets format it

mount it




Technical Writer

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Gagan Kumar Mahto

Gagan Kumar Mahto

Technical Writer

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